Thursday, April 8, 2010

RCB v. DC--- Or a Story of another triumph for the unsung

What a game we had last night! One of the greatest sights in any sport, is a come from behind win for an underdog. And thats what DC's win showed us last night.

And who got them there? Not Gibbs or Sharma or Gilchrist and Symonds in substantial measure, it was the unsung, Suman. In many ways, this past week's results are showing how, for all the Pollards and Kohlis, small town guys are the ones that are winning matches. We saw Naman Oza do that for the Royals consistently and with a Bond-like understatedness, we saw the minnow Dinda castling Warner (another of those (over?) hyped possessions and now we have Suman joining the party.

These unexpected results have thrown the third ed. wide open-- Rajasthan Royals' run in particular brought back memories of Senegal's giant-killing Football team. Remember Pape Diouf or Henri Kamara!

I am rooting for these underdogs as the IPL moves in its final leg. Lets hope the media gets a lesson from their triumph. And we learn to celebrate sport for what it teaches us---- Underdog is just a word.

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