Friday, October 17, 2008

The Curious Case Of "Going Forward"

You hear this phrase when you tune in to CNBC often, Dont you? "Going Forward Mr..... Where Do you see the Market Bottoming Out?" Or may be, "Going Forward, we see a lot of opportunities in ........ space";
My guesstimate is that "Going Forward" and "Upfront" could be the most used terms daily in the Business Circles. So, this post musing about these peculiarly "Finglish" term... " Going Forward"

Let me like put up a list at why " Going Forward" could be so frequently used one.

(you sure know that there is no lack of these "Heuristics" for a finance guy. Take your pick from " Corporate action", "Deal" etc etc.)

1. Think "Going Forward" gives the person a sense of security amidst volatility; When you are uncertain about the time, When the interviewer asks you to take a directional call and you have no clue, you invariably say, "Going Forward...." So, in Structured finance parlance, its like "hedging" yourself against uncertainty ( Much like you buying Options, a volatility product)!

2. It has a lot of strategic sense; generally, you will find this term in MDA section; where the management is tryin to comply and yet not comply :) ( you know, that can be done, So, this is not an Epigram)! So, you want to fool your owners and yet not be held laible in Derivative suit litigations, you use "Going Forward".

3. It is suitably democratic! in the sense that, even if you are a journalist who has little or no exposure to finance earlier but still want to sound as one of the gang, you blurt, "Going Forward. to my mind......." basically, going forward ensures that you have safe haven to park your ignorance in and yet sound meaningful as a prophet.

Gtg Now guys! Bye 4 now... BTW, Going forward, it does look like a lotta posts are coming your way from thenewagegrotius....

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